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    Ohio Title Loans Help with Home Repairs

    Jessica R. was a single mom with two adorable little boys who ran into some financial difficulties. Jessica had a job as a marketing assistant and earned a good salary, but right after getting her boys into school her bank account was drained. Her divorce a few years earlier left her with poor credit and she had to give up her credit cards. When a windstorm blew down a large branch from the large elm in her front yard, it came crashing into one of the upstairs windows. It was a long and frightful night.

    There was no way she could cover the immediate expenses she needed to until her insurance company could issue the check. Even with a neighbor helping her put tarp over the window and a contractor letting her pay over time, she just didn't have the money available. What Jessica needed was a short term loan to pay for the basic repairs until the insurance check came.

    She never would have considered a title loan if her sister hadn't mentioned getting one a year before. Word-of-mouth and personal recommendation are an important part of the title loan business. With so many title loan companies to choose from it is difficult to know who to trust. With her sister's recommendation, Jessica contacted Ohio Car Title Loans just to see how much she could get.

    She was nervous her bad credit would either get her application rejected or cause her to pay more in interest. When she filled out the simple online application form, she was surprised at how little information she needed to give. She was really surprised by how quickly the pre-approval was sent to her phone as a text message. Within fifteen minutes of filling out the application she knew how much money she could borrow. The amount was more than she needed which was a relief as well.

    She took the next step in the process and spoke with Paul, a title loan specialist, who walked her through the details of the loan and answered all her questions. He let her know about all her options, and told her she could have up to 42 months to repay the loan, though that wasn't necessary since she would be getting a check from the insurance company.

    No Pre-Pay Penalties

    Jessica had heard some title loan companies charged extra fees for paying the loan off early. She chose to pay back the loan over a few months but was expecting to be able to pay it off in a few weeks. She just wasn't sure when the insurance check would come and didn't want to be caught with too large of a monthly payment. If she could pay the loan back sooner, she didn't want to get caught paying an extra fee.

    Paul assured her that Ohio Car Title Loans does not charge any pre-pay penalties or fees.

    Quick Cash Loans

    One of Jessica's biggest questions was when could she get the money? If she was going to have to wait a week, she wasn't really solving any problems. Paul explained the application process and he would verify her identity and call her personal references. She'd have to bring the car to one of the convenient locations to verify its condition and she'd get the money the next day.

    Within 24 hours, Jessica had the money she needed to cover the incidental costs associated with her home repair and was able to pay the loan back in full the next month with the insurance check came through.

    Paying for Your Home Repairs

    When you are faced with a crisis and feel like you don't have any options, take a look at a title loan for your home repairs. A title loan is quick, is easy, and gets you the money you need when you need it.

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