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    Car Title Loans Help with Temporary Disruption of Pay

    Are you one of the 54,000 employees in Ohio who might not be getting a paycheck this month due to the government shutdown or due to sequestration? Your job may rely upon a government contract and you are in doubt whether you will be affected or not.

    There are other reasons why you may have a temporary disruption in your pay. Injury, illness, seasonal shutdowns, and other factors beyond your control can make you miss work and miss getting a paycheck. Unfortunately bill collectors, landlords, and student loans don't care if the government shuts down, if your boss furloughs you for a few weeks to save money, or if you hurt yourself and don't have sick time to cover the recovery time. They all expect you to meet your financial obligations. The irony is not lost on us.

    Mind the Gap - Get a Car Title Loan

    You are facing a gap in pay. It could be a week or two or more and while you wait for potential unemployment benefits to kick in or other insurance benefits to save the day, you still need to pay bills and take care of your family.

    How do you cover your expenses when you aren't getting a paycheck? Consider using a title loan for a quick short-term cash advances. A title loan uses the title of your car to secure the loan and doesn't require the same amount of paperwork as a traditional loan. This means we can approve and process your loan application quickly. Many of our borrowers get the money they need within 24 hours of submitting their application.

    This is the kind of speed you need when dealing with the unexpected.

    What is the Exact Process of Getting a Title Loan?

    While we have a Frequently Asked Questions section to this site, the most common question is a desire to know how exactly all this works.

    • Complete the online loan application form:
      You will find that the form takes just a few minutes to fill out and only requires information you already have available to you on your car title.

    After you complete the loan application, you will get a message from us, either through email or text depending on which method you chose, giving you the amount of money you are eligible to borrow based on the value of your car or truck based upon our database of vehicles. You are not obligated to do anything after this point.

    A loan representative will call you which leads to the next step in the process.

    • Speak to the loan representative:
      If you want to go ahead with the loan, our representative will take you through all the options, everything from the exact amount you want to borrow to how much you need your monthly payments to be.

    There is a lot of customization that can go into a car title loan. We have flexible terms, which means you can have up to 42 months to repay the loan making the monthly payments as low as you need them to be. We also offer competitively low interest rates compared to other title loan providers. All these conditions will be discussed on the phone. You can have the representative address all your questions and concerns.

    • Pick up your loan disbursement :
      We have title loan locations spread throughout the state of Ohio and certainly have a location near your home or work.

    We will need to inspect your vehicle to verify the information you provided us and you will need to pick up the money from your loan. In order to make this as convenient as possible for you, we make sure we have locations spread everywhere in Ohio.

    Peace of Mind Loan

    You can pay the balance of the loan back at any time without suffering any prepay penalties or additional fees. This is part of the flexibility of the loan. You can arrange terms that guarantee you can meet the minimum payments and if you are back to work sooner than you thought, you can pay off the loan and be clear of it.

    A car title loan is about giving you options when it feels like there are none. Let us help you through a difficult time. Apply for your car title loan today so you can have peace of mind tomorrow.

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